A Complete Guide For Real Estate Investment

India has plenty of great real estate properties. An investment in real estate property involves selling, renting, and managing the property for profit. A real estate investor is one who actively develop, renovate or improve properties by helping clients getting the best deals. 

There are many things to remember while buying a real estate property like a place having higher ROI and Positive cash flow. Investing in property business can lead to long-term higher profits.   

There are many questions which come to mind before buying a great real estate property like- 

Does the Real Estate come under GST? 

If the property is not properly sold and is given on rent, then there is no GST applied. But when a real estate property is purchased or comes under development, innovation and other fields GST is applied on the additional charges.  

Are there any laws applicable to Real Estate? 

In the Indian Constitution, many laws are applied when buying or selling a property. The different elements of real estate include- lease, sale, mortgage, license, etc. Identification checks also come under the due persistence work that is required before investing or buying a commercial property.  

Is real estate investment profitable? 

Investing in property business can be profitable. If the property location holds a higher ROI and the area is very developed. It’s a long-term investment and the rental properties lead to more profits. 

How many types of real estate investments are there? 

There are 4 types of real estate investments which include-  

  • Land- It’s a vacant property and is developed before selling 
  • Residential- property for house person, family or apartments  
  • Commercial- giving space for shopping malls, hotels, business premises or medical centres 
  • Industrial- providing transportation, logistics, construction or development 


Real estate can be an advantageous investment if the property is in the correct location and has an ideal commercial space. There are a variety of real estate experts who work in the industry and help make it function.

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