How is it that some factories & big companies with huge investments get shut down? Setting up such huge factories requires time & money. It is a dream of every industrialist that his factory functions flawlessly. However, there are some factors that need consideration like Vastu for office & machines.  

Problems are likely to arise especially if factories & offices are not made as per Vastu principles. It is advised to protect the factory against major Vastu faults during construction. As we read further, we will see how to go about Vastu for offices & factories. 

Importance of Direction 

There are a lot of things that you have to take care of from scratch. The most output with minimum effort can be achieved if you follow the vastu for every major thing. All industries & units have their processes in place. Vastu guidelines differ for every factory according to its type. Therefore, appropriate Vastu design is a must for each unit.  

Every process is important from first to last in manufacturing something. However, there are some processes which are the most important ones. Hence, Vastu is an important factor in building a shed to meet the requirements.  

For example, a factory dealing with steel or iron manufacturing has a zone of fire in the southeast part of the shed. It should be designed perfectly by Vastu of the factory for maximum output. 

Best Direction & Map as per Vastu 

A slope must be constructed towards the north or east when designing so that the rainwater can flow. Additionally, the northward part of the slope will prevent heat absorption, so the shed doesn’t get heated up. The Earth’s magnetic field moves from southwest to northeast, hence, the factory benefits from this flow & continues to taste success. 

Vastu for Entrance/Main Door 

The direction of the main door is very important when checking the vastu for the entrance. For the office or factory to be successful, the main door should be big & positioned in one of the three directions- east, north, & northeast. 

In case the factory is huge, try to install 2 entrances in one of the directions mentioned above but make the main entrance bigger than the others so that it’s easily noticeable. Additionally, always ensure you encourage the visitors & co-workers to utilize the main gate for entry & exit. 

Vastu for Admin Office 

Each factory has an admin office within its premises where the paperwork is handled, factory work is kept a close watch on, & business deals are discussed. According to Vastu, the position of the office should be in either the southwest or west direction. The main desk of the owner or top manager should be in either the north or east to gain better results.  

Vastu for Factory Toilet & Septic Tank 

It’s imperative that you make the toilet as per the Vastu as it is one of the main locations. Depending on the size & number of employees, there may be one or more restrooms. Ideally the toilets should be either in the southeast or northeast direction. The septic tank should also be located between north & northwest direction.  

Vastu for Kitchen 

The kitchen, though not a major necessary location, still has to be in the right direction. The kitchen according to vastu should be in the southeast direction. The cooking, eating, & storage space in this direction bring good luck & prosperity to the factory.  

Vastu for Factory Temple/Pooja Room 

Praying before God for better work balance & results is always a good thing. For that factories have a pooja room or temple. According to the pooja room Vastu the northeast corner is perfect for its direction. Keep the temple or room clutter free & clean it regularly. Ideally, a lamp which can be lit every day for warmth & positive energy should be placed. 


It’s clear now that Vastu plays a crucial role in the prosperity of a business real estate or manufacturing unit. A successful factory allows you to live a charmed life. But many businesses fail due to small glitches in the Vastu part. Ideally, a Vastu specialist will be able to guide better before creating the layout of the factory. 

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