Picking the right date & time before purchasing anything is a habit for the general Indian public. Out of those decisions, one major decision is to buy or rent real estate or residential plots. 

Buying property is not an easy task. It takes years of sacrifice, hard work & life savings to purchase your dream space. According to the Hindu calendar, Dusshera is considered an auspicious time to purchase or rent a property.  

Dusshera is one of the most prominent festivals of India. Dusshera symbolizes the win of good over evil. The festival of Dusshera commemorates Lord Ram’s win over Ravan. This is often taken as a symbol of triumph which will eventually translate into new beginnings & good luck. 


People usually start new events or startups around this season & bookings for apartments also start around this time. People usually complete their ‘shraads’ & wait for the appropriate time to purchase new houses.  

The purchase is driven by joy & positive vibes associated with being happy. Every year, Dusshera brings a ray of hope & good luck for people to start new endeavors. That mainly is the main goal behind purchasing properties & houses. 

Reason behind purchasing property during Diwali 

The main thought process behind purchasing property during Dusshera is thought to boost the buyer’s trust & hope to sell or rent commercial property or residential property. Purchasing something new renews a sense of success & growth. 

Property deals usually offer more during the Dusshera period & bookings show a significant growth during this time. 

How to Invest? 

Different aspects like client engagement, quality project status, & timely project developments are becoming key decisions in the residential rental property field. 

Purchasers are drawn to the prime location, the amenities that will be provided & elements like infrastructure, transport commuting, etc. The bumper offers & bonuses entice the public to invest & buy the plot or property. 

People also research for developers who have excellent track record in building & delivering construction projects which develop a sense of integrity & faith in the mind of the buyer. 

Offers in Dusshera that entice investors 

Guaranteed buy-back options in case of cancellations, deferred payment plans, parking & clubs, electricity & water facilities, mortgage loan interest subsidies, etc are just a few named possibilities that need to be there in order to excite the investors.  

For first-timers, during festive occasions prices tend to lower by 5% or 10% of the overall purchase.  

Ideal Time 

Pundits suggest that you research your property business ideas around Dusshera because as mentioned above you get a lot of welcome bonuses, offers & princely deals. But, take your time as correct & trustworthy developers are key to a right commercial or residential property

The property you purchase should be an investment, not a short-term purchase. Thorough market research is a must. 


There are a lot of factors we have discussed that go into the decision of buying a property, plot, or house. Since Dusshera is the festival of good hope, homeowners must consider the above factors along with the resale value, potential development plans around the space, & vastu for home among other factors. 

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